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Let’s be clear, if you are a casual beer drinker at home, it’s best to keep them in the refrigerator regardless of the beer, even if you have to think about taking them out before drinking them for some that are not drinking absolutely not at 4 ° C.

A pasteurized beer can stay in the fridge because, anyway, it will not move (or almost), the yeasts are dead. The craft beer (non-pasteurized) of low alcoholic degree will also stay cool. Beer craft (unpasteurized) of high alcohol content may also be kept cool. But the aromas will grow much more slowly…

Is it really useful to have a beer cellar, as for wine?

Beer craft (non-pasteurized) of high alcoholic strength (more than 5 °) and acidity or pronounced bitterness, are to be kept in a dry place, without direct light and at a constant temperature all year round. (between 10 ° C and 16 ° C), for example in a cellar, a garage or an attic. Beers should be kept upright to prevent dregs (dead yeasts) from mixing with the final product when serving.

So yes, aside from this last point, this type of beer requires the same preservation as the wine, and like it, they will improve over time, or propose new features, thanks to live and active yeasts that will continue their work in the best conditions possible.

For example: a re-fermented beer in an artisanal bottle will not have the same aroma between the first month of care and the third.

So yes, it is useful for this type of beer if you really like the beer. The instant tasting is perfect if you want to give all the taste of the product. After, if the conditions are not met, it is useless to keep 6 months on the shelf of the room, better to enjoy it immediately at the risk of losing it.

How long can you keep the beer?

All beers are legally required to have on their label a best before date (DLUO). This does not correspond too much, especially on an unpasteurized craft beer that remains a living material and continues to evolve over time. With the Custom Stubby Holders you can keep it for a long time.


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